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Lutheran Education Australia digital repository (LEAdr)

LEAdr is a centralised store where Lutheran educators can search and retrieve digital resources to improve learning outcomes. The repository holds resources such as resources for Christian Studies, worship and curriculum generally. Drawing on the collective knowledge and wisdom of Lutheran educators, LEAdr will provide the conduit through which a rich and valuable range of resources and work units can be developed and shared with educators in all Lutheran schools throughout Australia.

LEA resources and publications

A diverse range of resoruces and publications:

  • A vision for learners and learning in Lutheran schools
  • National Lutheran Schools Week resources
  • Doctorates






Staff spirituality

There are many different approaches to, and expressions of, Christian spirituality.  A Lutheran approach to spirituality will be grounded in the gospel and the freedom which comes in Jesus Christ. It will focus on the word of God and depend on the grace of God. Lutheran spirituality emphasises the personal nature of our relationship with God, but also stresses the centrality of communal worship and the blessings of word and sacrament in that worship.


Christian Studies 

Christian Studies is a learning area that belongs to the formal curricular program of the Lutheran school.   Christian Studies is an essential and distinctive part of the Christian education program, which is the total life of the school and which is expressed through the culture of the school, all teaching and learning activities, the worship program, pastoral care for students and staff, behaviour management policies and practices, voluntary Christian groups and activities that address the personal spirituality of staff and students


Worship resources

The triune God [Father, Son and Holy Spirit] is at the heart of all worship, as God comes extending to us God’s gifts for daily life and the life to come.  The word of God and the sacraments direct and support our life as Christians and through them the Holy Spirit also comes to us. The Holy Spirit nurtures and strengthens our faith and draws us together as a community.